Election Information

MECDA Elections

Thank you for voting – These are this year’s official Central Board 2012-2013

Acting President Blume Bauer:

I have been an active member of MECDA for several years. Currently, I hold the offices of Central Board President as well as the appointed position, Happenings Editor. In addition to those positions, I am also the Event Coordinator for Cairo Caravan. I care deeply for the state and continuance of MECDA. As President of the Central Board for the last year and a half, I have worked hard to help redefine MECDA and what it means to our community. I have worked closely with belly dancers from all genres of belly dance and feel that my open mindedness to dance aids in my ability to be fair when voting on matters that are important to our membership. I helped our organization move from a dark point in its history to a moment filled with brilliant light and clarification. Not only with increased memberships, but also with increased member confidence in our organization. All of this without the dramatic effects members had been feeling for some time that I know we would all like to avoid. If elected for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, I plan to continue to work on initiatives that I have already begun regarding membership, MECDA’s place in the community, and the advancement of belly dance as a whole. We are already in a state of momentum and I plan to keep that positive momentum going while keeping MECDA’s integrity in tact.

In addition, I would like to see MECDA offer more to its members, not only in physical freebies, but also in support, motivation, and training. I have plans to get our organization designated as a nationwide non-profit; to bring back the printed Happenings to members who miss it; to locate and win grants dedicated to arts to help support our organization and therefore our dancers. With the plans for an official conference for members in the works, an even more incredible Cairo Caravan for 2011, and the possibility of an all-new event to replace our anniversary party, I know that I can make MECDA the best it can be. I hope that you will vote for me and give me an opportunity beyond the year and a half already provided to make MECDA benefit our members even greater.

I would like to thank the membership for the time I have had helping MECDA thus far and I hope to continue to work for MECDA in the future as the Central Board President.

Sincerely, Blume Bauer

Vice President Penny Collins:

Penny started dancing like so many little girls, in her living room with her family as the audience.

“Dancing has always been a part of my life in some fashion.” School plays, church musicals, studying dance in college, performing and directing in Dance Theater troupes in Europe and the States. “For me dance is magical, it takes me to another place, I guess you could say dance is my religion. It connects me to my authentic self.”

The other continual thread in Penny’s life has been working with people to help them live their lives purposefully and authentically. This too has taken many forms. From working for Non-Profit Organizations in Canada and Europe, as a Holistic Heath Practitioner working with patients helping them get there lives back on track, to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach.
Seven years ago Penny was introduced to ATS Belly dancing and she has been completely captivated since.

“I have studied and performed many different dance styles throughout my life, and enjoyed them all, but Belly Dancing hooked me in profound way, it was like coming home.”

Combining my two passions just made sense; coaching and belly dancing. I love working with dancers. They’re the people I most enjoy spending time with.

As a coach my job is to work with clients to help them fulfill their dreams; to live their lives to the fullest, and that happens moment by moment.

I consider it a great honor to be involved in moments of my client’s lives, that’s where” life” happens.

I also consider it an honor to be working with the many varied and wonderful MECDA Chapters as Vice President. “

Here’s to a fabulous 2013!!

Secretary Rosa Noreen:

Rosa Noreen is a dedicated teacher and an elegant performer. Her singular style of belly dance is influenced by her ballet background and years of study of Egyptian dance. Known for her classical lines and friendly approach, Rosa delights students and audiences alike.

A leader in her community, Rosa has created the popular quarterly professional performance series, Raqs Borealis. She has also created the Solstice Spectacular, a variety show uniquely showcasing top-notch professional belly dancers, live music and entertainers across genres. In 2010, Rosa co-founded Bright Star World Dance, Maine’s only studio focusing on belly dance.

Rosa’s instructional DVD, “Delicious Pauses: Negative Space in Movement,” was released in December 2011. She appeared at the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive 2011 as a featured instructor and performer. Rosa travels nationwide to teach and perform.

Treasurer Rom Deussen: