Ethics Committee


Ethics Committee – in need of more committee members

Announcement to all Members from Jenza and the Ethics Committee. The election season is fast approaching. We have made long overdue changes to four important MECDA documents that require your vote to be approved.  This action to place these changes up for membership approval is unprecedented in MECDA history.
Past Central Board changes to Policy and Procedure were done, but rarely announced and never voted on by general membeship.  You will find these documents displayed online in our Ethics Committee section of the MECDA website and available as a PDF document for print-out.  Please notice that the changes are highlighted for your convenience.  Please read these documents so that you will understand these changes.  More details will be provided in the elections materials.  The documents are the MECDA Charter, the MECDA Code of Conduct, the MECDA Operational Procedures – Central Board Elections Policy, and the MECDA Operational Procedures – Chapter Board Elections Policy.

Questions and comments about these changes should be directed to MECDA president, Rom Deussen at

Ethics Committee – works in progress

The pages linked to this section will display MECDA’s organizational and operational forms.  These necessary documents reflect the basis of our operational procedures of various kinds and our Code of Conduct.  In the upcoming Central Board Elections, all of these documents will be included in the Elections and require a vote from the Membership to acknowledge and approve the changes displayed herein.

The changes in these documents have been quite a long time coming and have been in the works for the past year and a half.  Each page will devote itself to one document only.  On the top of each page there will be a description of the changes for members to look for in the body of the document.  The document will be displayed on the page itself and will have a link to a PDF file that can be printed out if you wish.

The changes submitted came from submissions prepared by members of the Ethics Committee, and approved or tweaked by the Central Board .  I wish to recognize the following contributors to this endeavor:  Linda Fleischman, Afra Schiavone, and Mesmera.

Sincerely, Jenza, Ethics Chairperson