For MEC Dancers: Which Eyebrow shape is right for you?

Eyebrows come in so many shapes and sizes. There are thin, thick, bushy, and pointed eyebrows. The eyebrows do serve a purpose. Not only do they prevent sweat from dripping into the eye, but they are also a main point of focus in facial expressions amongst each other. For instance, a furled brow indicates anger. A raised brow would indicate question or confusion. While, a curved brow would be a sign of joy or happiness. As you can see the eyebrow is a main focal point of your face. There are many people who don’t like the shape of their brows, and will resort to different types of alterations to obtain the look they desire. Some people like more of an arch, or more of a point. Some like their eyebrows thinner. While others may want a fuller look. In most cases there is a solution to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Eyebrow Alteration


The different angles of ideal eyebrow shape are shown above. Dancers should consult with their stylist if they want to make adjustments.

Eyebrow alteration is a common practice amongst most women. Although, it is not uncommon to see a man having his eyebrows waxed or tweezed as well. The most common forms of modifications are hair removal, addition, dying, or tattooing. Some women will have their eyebrows completely removed, and add permanent eyebrow tattoos in order to always have the perfect brow shape without the maintenance of some of the previously mentioned alterations.  As one would imagine, these are not painless actions. For example, removing hair can be done by tweezing, waxing, or threading. Threading is done by using a cotton thread which is rolled over the hair in order to remove it. Some people may want to add hair, and therefore will have hair transplants into their eyebrow. One with a much lower pain threshold will probably opt to use makeup in order to give their eyebrow a fuller look. Such forms of makeup are powder, pencil, or eyeshadows. Microblading is a fairly new technique which uses a fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin. It is considered a semi-permanent solution. There are also other forms of alteration without removal or addition. Some people will simply have their eyebrows tinted to match their hair color.

Where do you get these services done?

One can opt to do these services on their own as most don’t require any special skills. There are do-it-yourself techniques such as tweezing, pencil, or even waxing. There are eyebrow wax kits sold in stores. However, the more permanent or semi-permanent tactics would require specialist skills and equipment. Most hair salons offer waxing and tweezing services. Some locations may even offer threading as well. However, not all will offer microblading or tattooing services. It is highly recommended to find a salon that specializes in eyebrow alteration in order to have these services done. For example, Pace Studios Beauty Bar specializes in eyebrow alteration services as well as some other services including makeup and eyelash services. The focus at this salon is eyebrow alteration. These locations also perform the simpler tasks such as tweezing and waxing as well. Finding a salon whose main focus is eyebrow alteration ensures you are having the work you want done by a professional who is well trained in multiple techniques.




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