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“What was your favorite thing about Cairo Caravan 2010?”


Everything! There’s dancing, shopping, the drums outside, all in a unique and interesting venue. It’s wonderful to see all the different dancers and groups perform all day, the variety and see what’s new out in the world of belly dance; I liked that there were a few more groups doing traditional folk and did their own singing and music- that was great.  ~Christine Young

Finding the right mate is one of the life’s biggest challenges. For those fortunate enough to find the right person, the next biggest challenge would be to get the best men’s wedding bands. Before dashing to the nearest jewelry store to choose and pay for your preferred ring, you may need to set time aside for learning the myths surrounding the bands. This knowledge helps you to avoid making costly mistakes when choosing wedding rings.

What myths should you stop believing?

Spend all that you have on the rings

First, it’s not true that you ought to spend everything you have about the rings. Some people can afford the most costly rings in the market. Others only have to make do with some simple selections. The secret here is to go with what you can afford. Prepare a budget and stick to it. After all, there’s life after the wedding. After returning home, you would have to cater for daily living expenses, and this would be impossible to do if you spent everything on the rings.

Drop the rings during the ceremony

Second, don’t believe the myth that says it’s alright to drop the wedding rings while the ceremony goes on. The belief is that doing so chases evil spirits from the rings. Well, this would be okay if you invested in some simple and cheap rings. If you are the proud owner of stylish wedding rings that cost a fortune, dropping them only to send the evil spirits hanging around packing would not make much sense.

Loose wedding rings signify a separation

Another myth worth debunking is that loose wedding rings signify a parting of the ways between you and your partner. This myth assumes that lack of concern and failure to display attention to detail might have triggered or made you buy the ill-fitting rings. This might be true, but it’s not worth concluding that a parting of the ways is on the horizon. After all, you can still take the rings back to the jeweler for adjusting so that they fit you perfectly.

Rings determine the baby’s gender

How you treat the wedding ring doesn’t ascertain the gender of the unborn baby. Some people believe that tying the rings with a thread before dangling it over the baby bump is enough to establish the gender of the unborn one. The myth says that the baby is a boy if the ring swings. It states that you’re carrying a girl if the ring swings around in a circle. If determining the baby’s gender were this easy, everybody would be doing this.

Men’s wedding rings are worn on the third finger. The myth associated with this practice is that the third finger runs all the way to the heart. This myth is powerful as it has turned into a wedding and marital tradition. To debunk this myth, spend some time with a medical professional and ask for conclusive evidence showing that a blood vessel runs directly from any of your fingers to the heart. Be ready for some disappointing news.

For more information on other myths that aren’t worth believing, you should get in touch with an expert in men’s wedding bands.

One of the highest levels of achievement for any dancer is to get on a broadway stage.  New York City has been the leading edge of entertainment since the beginning of the 20th century, and it has held its own as the leader in stage entertainment.  Whether its the Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall, or the countless number of Broadway and Off-Broadway plays that go on around the year, it’s truly the capital of the world when it comes to live stage acting and entertainment.


Shows like “Wicked: The Musical” require many dancers as supporting cast, and our members can now get discounted tickets when using our promo code.

Dancers are an integral aspect of the broadway experience.  Musicals and other fantastic shows need experienced and talented dancers to be the supportive cast and provide the type of skilled dance routines that have become the norm in musical theater.  What would a show like “Wicked: The Musical”, “The Lion King” (or any other show with complex dance sequences) be without the dancers to provide the support during those dance numbers?

So perhaps its this appreciation that has led to the deal which allows members of MECDA.org to score cheap broadway tickets to a few select shows for a limited time.  In one example, you can get inexpensive tickets to see Wicked: The Musical (in NYC as the George Gerswhin Theater) by visiting Wicked Tickets NYC and entering the promo code “MECDA” at checkout.

More deals are soon to come, so check back to this article soon.  We are hoping to land deals with “The Lion King” and other popular musicals in NYC (and other places when possible).

What Are Your Favorite Musicals/Plays?

In order for use to reach out to other plays and musicals across the globe, we need to know which ones you like!  Comment on this post to let us know what shows you would love to go see.  Whichever shows are the most popular will be our priority for getting our members some great deals going forward.




Eyebrows come in so many shapes and sizes. There are thin, thick, bushy, and pointed eyebrows. The eyebrows do serve a purpose. Not only do they prevent sweat from dripping into the eye, but they are also a main point of focus in facial expressions amongst each other. For instance, a furled brow indicates anger. A raised brow would indicate question or confusion. While, a curved brow would be a sign of joy or happiness. As you can see the eyebrow is a main focal point of your face. There are many people who don’t like the shape of their brows, and will resort to different types of alterations to obtain the look they desire. Some people like more of an arch, or more of a point. Some like their eyebrows thinner. While others may want a fuller look. In most cases there is a solution to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Eyebrow Alteration


The different angles of ideal eyebrow shape are shown above. Dancers should consult with their stylist if they want to make adjustments.

Eyebrow alteration is a common practice amongst most women. Although, it is not uncommon to see a man having his eyebrows waxed or tweezed as well. The most common forms of modifications are hair removal, addition, dying, or tattooing. Some women will have their eyebrows completely removed, and add permanent eyebrow tattoos in order to always have the perfect brow shape without the maintenance of some of the previously mentioned alterations.  As one would imagine, these are not painless actions. For example, removing hair can be done by tweezing, waxing, or threading. Threading is done by using a cotton thread which is rolled over the hair in order to remove it. Some people may want to add hair, and therefore will have hair transplants into their eyebrow. One with a much lower pain threshold will probably opt to use makeup in order to give their eyebrow a fuller look. Such forms of makeup are powder, pencil, or eyeshadows. Microblading is a fairly new technique which uses a fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin. It is considered a semi-permanent solution. There are also other forms of alteration without removal or addition. Some people will simply have their eyebrows tinted to match their hair color.

Where do you get these services done?

One can opt to do these services on their own as most don’t require any special skills. There are do-it-yourself techniques such as tweezing, pencil, or even waxing. There are eyebrow wax kits sold in stores. However, the more permanent or semi-permanent tactics would require specialist skills and equipment. Most hair salons offer waxing and tweezing services. Some locations may even offer threading as well. However, not all will offer microblading or tattooing services. It is highly recommended to find a salon that specializes in eyebrow alteration in order to have these services done. For example, Pace Studios Beauty Bar specializes in eyebrow alteration services as well as some other services including makeup and eyelash services. The focus at this salon is eyebrow alteration. These locations also perform the simpler tasks such as tweezing and waxing as well. Finding a salon whose main focus is eyebrow alteration ensures you are having the work you want done by a professional who is well trained in multiple techniques.





Posted on June 07, 2016

offering beginning, intermediate and advanced Bellydance Classes valley wide Phoenix. Egyptian, Fusion, Tribal. Call: (602) 752-8334 Email: demifaraday@hotmail.com Web: www.demifaraday.com


Divine Chaos

Divine Chaos Tribal is a passionate and disciplined dance sisterhood who perform and teach at a variety of venues locally and nationally. 524 W. Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282
Call: (480) 251-6436 Email: Shannon@divinechaostribal.com *************************************************************************************************************************************
Ganesha Bazaar
PO Box 4718, Sedona, AZ 86340 Call: (928) 699-6419
Web: http://www.ganeshabazaar.com Email: madamhabib@yahoo.com

Carrie Konyha

Offering the most comprehensive mid-eastern dance training program available in N. AZ. Expert instruction in Classical Egyptian technique, Choreography, Tribal Improv, zills, musicality, props, costuming, makeup & more. Classes at the White Lotus Bellydance Studio, 366 Navahopi Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336 Call: (928)282-1587 or (480)748-1671
Web: http://www.sedonabellydance.com Email: carrie@sedonabellydance.com


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Northan has a BA in dance from UC Irvine. She’s been belly dancing 30 years and teaching for 15 years. American Cabaret, Arabic, Egyptian, Fusion. P.O. Box 5545 Petaluma, CA 94955 Call: (707) 322-5280 Classes: Petaluma


Geisha Moth Designs

Innovative desgins for creative spiritsTM Webs: http://geishamoth.com or http://tribes.net/geishamoth



Troupes: SaJa Middle Eastern Dance Co. The owner of World Rhythm & Motion Studio, and the co-director of SaJa Dance Co. Jenna’s studies have taken her to Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco. American Cabaret, Arabic, Egyptian, Ethnic, Folkloric, Fission, Lebanese, and Turkish. 150 South St., San Luis Obispo, 93401 Classes in San Luis Obispo. Call (805) 550-8192 Email: jenna@worldrhytmandmotion.com Web: www.worldrhythandmotion.com



American Cabaret Turkish and Egyptian styles. Beginning through intermediate, private and group classes. Call: (805) 705-0009 Email: lesa@lesabellydance.com


Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

The Ma*Shuqa method classes, private lessons, dance retreats, workshops. Dance coach. 15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032 Call: (408) 356-9473
Email: MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com or reel.sound.@comcast.net



Call: (408) 218-9839 Email: parri@parri.net Web: www.parri.net



“Beauty, Grace, and Charm, Essence of Middle Eastern Dance” – Yolanda is a professional dance artist and instructor in the San Jose-San Francisco Bay Area. American Cabaret
Call (650) 814-6977 Email: yolandabellydancer@yahoo.com Web: http://www.yolandabellydance.com

Nancy Young

Sunroom Belly Dance Studio is a certified American Tribal Style belly dance instructor and Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance. 268 Ross Ct., Claremont, CA 91711 Call: (909) 621-0224 Email: ncayoung@verizon.net


Troupe: El Ashab Egyptian style instruction and performance coaching. Call: (408) 730-4804 Email: arnesonzelina@aol.com Classes: Sunnyvale – by appointment


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