How to Score Cheap Broadway Tickets for Members

One of the highest levels of achievement for any dancer is to get on a broadway stage.  New York City has been the leading edge of entertainment since the beginning of the 20th century, and it has held its own as the leader in stage entertainment.  Whether its the Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall, or the countless number of Broadway and Off-Broadway plays that go on around the year, it’s truly the capital of the world when it comes to live stage acting and entertainment.


Shows like “Wicked: The Musical” require many dancers as supporting cast, and our members can now get discounted tickets when using our promo code.

Dancers are an integral aspect of the broadway experience.  Musicals and other fantastic shows need experienced and talented dancers to be the supportive cast and provide the type of skilled dance routines that have become the norm in musical theater.  What would a show like “Wicked: The Musical”, “The Lion King” (or any other show with complex dance sequences) be without the dancers to provide the support during those dance numbers?

So perhaps its this appreciation that has led to the deal which allows members of to score cheap broadway tickets to a few select shows for a limited time.  In one example, you can get inexpensive tickets to see Wicked: The Musical (in NYC as the George Gerswhin Theater) by visiting Wicked Tickets NYC and entering the promo code “MECDA” at checkout.

More deals are soon to come, so check back to this article soon.  We are hoping to land deals with “The Lion King” and other popular musicals in NYC (and other places when possible).

What Are Your Favorite Musicals/Plays?

In order for use to reach out to other plays and musicals across the globe, we need to know which ones you like!  Comment on this post to let us know what shows you would love to go see.  Whichever shows are the most popular will be our priority for getting our members some great deals going forward.




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